24 Mar


                   New Monkeys


I heard this story from Sheikh Yaser Fazzaqa in a Peace TV lecture.. I liked it a lotttttttt.. Hope it serves as a reminder for you too…


         A scientist did a research with 10 monkeys. Firstly, he took 5 monkeys and locked them in a room. In the centre of the room, there was a table and to the top of the table he tied some fruits. Surrounding the table he placed some water pipes so that when any of the monkeys tried to take the fruit, they would splash the water on all the monkeys forcefully.


         Now the first monkey tried to take the fruit. But as soon as it stood on the table, water was splased over all the monkeys. Monkeys couldn’t tolerate the pain.


         After some time the second monkey went to take the fruit. Same again, water was splashed forcefully. All monkeys were fainting in pain.


         Even after some time, the third monkey gave it a try. Nope no one can tolerate that pain. But they couldn’t understand anything except that SOMETHING IS WRONG….


Do you know what the scientist did now?


He removed all the water pipes, and one monkey from the room. He placed a new monkey inside the room. The new monkey saw the fruits and it rushed to take it.


     But you know what happened?


As soon as it jumped on the table, all monkeys gathered and beated the new monkey seviourly.


The new monkey did not understand anything, but because of the beatings it sat down silently.


    Now the scientist replaced another old monkey with a new one. Now the room contains 3 old monkeys and 2 new ones.


            Asusual the new comer went to take the fruit and all monkeys joined to beat it.


Guess what? The new monkey who got beatings previously also joined them to beat the latest one. EVEN THOUGH, IT DID NOT KNOW WHY THEY WERE BEATING..!!!


        The scientist repeated the same thing, until there were only new monkeys in the room. When the last new monkey entered the room and jumped to get the fruit.


All the monkeys joined to beat it.. BUT ALL OF THEM DO NOT KNOW WHY THEY ARE BEATING…




See, the water pipes were removed long time ago, there was no need for the monkeys to beat. If atleast one monkey thought why we were beating, they would have got the fruit!


Unfortunately, WE ARE THE NEW MONKEYS.


We follow our fathers and forefathers without even knowing the reason behind it. Sometimes it’s good sometimes ITS NOT…


Do ask yourself.. AM I DOING THE RIGHT THING??..





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