Are You a Blooming Da’ee??!!

25 Mar


Are You a Blooming Da’ee?


I wanted to share this with my fellow ‘Blooming Da’ees’ out there.

  • Da’ wah is something obligatory upon each on of us. It is our duty to spread the true message of Islam and to create awareness among people what they are doing.

  • But not always our da’wah is successfull, if we think that success lies in the listener’s embracement of Islaam.

  • We will be mocked, ridiculed, ignored and lots more. BE PREPARED TO FACE IT. Remember what Allah says,


 “And be patient over what they say and avoid them with gracious avoidance.” [Soorah AlMuzammil 73:10]

  • Mistakes are something unavoidable. We do mistakes now and then. But the most important thing is WHAT DID YOU LEARN FROM IT?

  • Try to identify your plus point. Not everyone of us can give a public lecture like Dr.Zakir Naik lol. But still we can do more. You may have a typing skill, translating skill, conducting classes. You know what you can do. BUT DO IT TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY.

  • Not all of us can go out and meet new people. But we have internet. A WEAPON IF USED WISELY. U can use do internet da’wah through forums, blogs, websites, classes n lots more.

  • But da’wah through internet is not always fruitfull. You dont know the person hiding behind the curtain. He closes the browser he forgets everything.

  • Try one-o-one basis, it might be a success. Again success depends on what the person thinks about success.

  • You hope the listener to revert? You succeed rarely.

  • You hope u can make the listener interested in Islaam? Hats off, if you can do that.

  • You hope u can neutralise the listeners enmity towards Islaam? You succeed always.

  • Never ever consider your listener as an opponent. Like an opponent in a game, you have to win him. This will lead to argument, without even letting you know that you are argueing. Remember NO ARGUMENTS HAVE A HAPPY ENDING.

  • Try to establish a good relationship with your listeners. THEY FEEL COMFORT IN YOU, THEY LISTEN TO YOU.

  • When you are doing da’wah amongst majority non-Muslims, DONT QUESTION THEIR BELIEF. They will become defensive and will throw the dirt in their hands.

  • Instead, SHOW THEM THE DIAMOND OF ISLAM. They will put down their dirt and come to grab your diamond.

  • BUILD A STRONG WALL OF ISLAM. They will know how weak their wall is, and will come to shade under yours.

  • MAKE THEM REALIZE THE BEAUTY OF ISLAM, they will start questioning their own belief. If you get to talk with them 101, then try to make them realise the flaws in their religion.

  • Focus on your target. CALL PEOPLE TO ‘TAWHEED’. Even though if they claim they believe in one God. Tell them, they should show this in their worship too.

  • GIVE THEM THE CLEAR CONCEPT OF PROPHETS. And why Muhammad (salallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) is the last of Prophets.

  • GIVE THEM THE CLEAR CONCEPT OF SCRIPTURES. And why AlQur’aan AlKareem is the Last of All Scriptures.

  • If you want to discuss about their beliefs, make sure YOU ARE IN THE DRIVER SEAT.


  • Remember, you are doing the job of all the Prophets, their Companions and All the Righteous people. So ALWAYS BE PROUD OF URSELF AND BE THANKFULL TO ALLAH.

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