Can God instill ‘Fear’?

2 Apr



Can God instill fear?

         I got a response from one of the readers regarding the picture in my post ‘Are You A ‘Diest’?’

        The response was, “God should not instill fear. He should be a loving God.”


 Thank you for your response my Reader!

Your comments make me go better n better!


First of all, a God should not be deprived of anything. He should have every quality.


If He is just showing love, He is lacking an attribute of anger.

If He is just an angry God, He will not be a God anymore.


So He should instill both fear and love.

In addition He should instill hope too.


Fear because if you do mistakes, God will punish you.

Hope because if you repent to Him, God will forgive you.

Love because if He forgives you, He will reward you too, if He wills it.


Quote by Ibn al-Qayyim: “The heart is like a bird: love at its head and its two wings are hope and fear.”

There should be a right balance between them.


We should fear our Lord my reader! We should fear that we will be punished if we do bad deeds. We should fear the Hell fire. Otherwise you do whatever you want and all bad deeds and no fear and you are gone…


This is not an unnatural thing my reader! You yourself want God to be angry with the one who killed innocent people. Don’t you?


You want God to punish the man who did something evil to your loved ones. Don’t you?


This is from our inner soul, we need God to show love and at times we need Him to be angry too.. (ofcourse not with


But don’t worry; God’s love is muchhh moreee than His anger.


Our God says: “My mercy precedes My wrath”. [famous hadith Qudsi]

So we need Him to instill fear, hope and love.


Just because I say, “God should instill fear too”..that doesnt mean that He is not a loving God anymore.

Ofcourse He is a loving God, He loves His creations, He loves to forgive His creations.

What you are saying is, “A loving God should not instill fear.”

What I am saying is, “A loving God should not be deprived of anything. He instills fear too!”


Think you will get what I mean!


3 Responses to “Can God instill ‘Fear’?”

  1. Calin April 3, 2011 at 9:55 am #

    Spamming is not the solution arab f**k!

    • amatullah1 April 3, 2011 at 11:46 am #

      I am not an Arab!
      If you know… only 15-19% of the total Muslim population are Arabs.
      Islam is not an Arab religion, it is for you, me and the whole mankind.
      You will know it. That may be today or the moment you DIE.
      But you are going to know it. THATS FOR SUREEE!!
      Be prepared to face your Lord. You have no excuse to say, “O my Lord! Your Guidance did not come to ME”.
      I bid you HAPPY RESEARCH!!

      • amatullah1 April 3, 2011 at 1:22 pm #

        And as an actual reply for ur comment.. yes spamming is not the only solution bt a perfect solution needs spamming too..
        Just because u dont fear God..ur words r nt appropriate!!
        U gt the point? No good manner..
        God shld instill fear too..otherwise people will be like ___.
        Bt its not too late.. repent..then He will forgive and show love, if He wills it!!

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