Chapter God Quiz 1

5 Apr


Chapter God Quiz 1:

             I thought of creating a fun quiz, to test how much my readers understand my writings..

I tried to post it here, but wordpress is not supporting it.. tooo badd.. 😦 😦

But never mind, u can go to the link which I post below to attempt the test.

Try to read the following posts once more, so that u wont be incorrect..


Do you say ‘No God’? 

Is Nature God?

Is Love God?

Are you a Darwinist?

Do you believe in ‘The BigBang Theory’?

Are you a Diest?

Can God instill ‘Fear’?

Is Everything God? 


Now a little bit information about the Quiz,

It has 15 questions each carrying 1 mark.. 2 questions from each post except the last post from which I took only 1 q.


A question may seem to have many right answers..u shld choose the most correct one..

A small correction for q 13, if u add ‘not’ to one of the options u will get the most correct answer..i missed it somehow..


After u give the quiz, pls post a comment and give ur feedbck..

Those who score full, 1 wrong, 2 wrong, 3 wrong.. specially welcome to post ur names in the comments area with ur score..


u shld take less than 15 mins to complete the quiz.. 


So ready to take the quiz???

 click –>Here You Go!!!!!!!!



3 Responses to “Chapter God Quiz 1”

  1. South Beach May 3, 2011 at 2:16 am #

    Came across your site yesterday when I was surfing, but I’m not really into the blog scene

    • amatullah1 May 3, 2011 at 8:59 am #

      Okey, so you didnt understand my blog theme..lemme explain it to u..
      This blog is a means to understand ‘WHAT REALLY LIFE IS?’..
      Life is not the same as I thought..may be I didnt think about itself..
      But when I gotto knw the ‘TRUE PURPOSE’ of life, it changed me completelyyyyyy…

      Dont worry, this blog is just 1 month old, so u will not get where this blog wants to be in..
      But, God willing, when I move further it will be clear for u..

      I begin with God, the basis for everything..and alas..its a vassttttt topic..i need to cover’em all and in the end post of this chapter ‘GOD’ you will realize who really GOD is..and what u must be believing in ur heart and ur actions..

      And then we will move to the next topic ________ shhh..wait for it.. 🙂

  2. yacht insurance quote May 17, 2011 at 6:35 am #

    this computer page will change many lifes for ever

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