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Islamophobia or Islamomania?

8 May


    A flash was sent to me through email and I really really wanna share it!!

Introduction by Nayzak (the one who made this flash):

Assalaamu alaikum [Peace be to you],

3 days ago, I saw one deviation here in this website called “Religion of Peace” where someone tried to prove, in his way, that Islam is not a religion of peace. he provided what he claims to be violent and aggressive quotes from the Holy Qur’an. I don’t know if he read the Qur’an and quoted them or just found them in some websites…

I usually ignore this kind of people. but this one attracted my attention for a few reasons. so I decided to reply.
I could be wrong, but I think if I were to reply him in his page trying to explain things to him (and based on my experience with many people who attack Islam) the obvious reaction from him would be blocking me and hiding my comment. and since he expressed his opinion using his Artskills, I express my reply using my Artskills.
so here I reply to him in a place where even others may benefit from what I have to say.

I didn’t post a link to his page. but one thing I’d like to remind you people: if you happen to go to visit his page and talk to him. be respectful. hateful comments will not convince him that he is wrong. wise conversations and civilized manners are what makes people understand each other.
thanks a lot.

it took me 3 days in order to finish this one. it’s a little long but I hope you like it and benefit from it. if you find this useful, please share it with your friends and the people you know.

feel free to ask any questions you have. ^_^
let knowledge be shared with everyone.

WARNING: a very long slideshow (around 300 frames)

if you find any mistakes, please let me know.
I tested it several times, but since it’s long, I might have missed some mistakes.

Wassalaamu alaikum,

             I would love to add the flash here, but wordpress says ‘no no’ to it so i shall give you the link.

The islamophobist take Quranic verses out of context painfully. Oh! They don’t even quote the full verse because it will let people know the truth and the logic behind it.

             I truly say these people know what they are doing but they are afraid of Islaam’s guidance, may be u can say they have an ill feeling, “Why God didn’t create me in His guidance from my birth?”.

          Its like they don’t want to agree, “Yes I was doing something wrong..” so they trap others to fall into their pit.

What I say to them is,

“Look don’t spit on the sky, you know what happens!

If you say ‘total peace’ means you shouldn’t kill an ‘ant’ then no one can be peaceful. Islam wants us to be ‘truly’ peaceful in an ‘applicable’ way. You will know the logic behind it when you learn it from ‘the right person in the right way'”


          Don’t worry about the past too much, it may be right or wrong. We all have our ignorance period. Let’s make our future better in a more correct way and a Guided way, if God so wills it!!

Little About Me

25 Apr


I got a response from one of my friends..we used to have a little chit chat about this conversation is worth posting may clarify certain facts about me and it may help others.

Give it a read!

“Great work 🙂
Big problem in this era of dot com is good amount of religious content is available on net but authenticating the same is real real test for the surfer. Most of the Islamic sites on internet are misleading.

One day I thought of reading biography of first Caliph Hz.Abu Bakr Siddiq(RZ) and with my search query I got beautiful pdf. I started reading and every thing mention there was absolutely correct and nothing was contradicting but when I reached middle of pdf there was some thing written about sect Khadiyaani. The author is praising the sect and its founder, I was shocked to see that and deleted that pdf.

Similarly for the newbies its is really difficult to learn Islam on internet, but the kind of work you are doing is really good and its our duty of promote those sites among Ummah.

What is your opinion on Abdul Wahab Najdi? As far as I know he is the real biddah(innovator) in Islam and most of his teachings are misleading to innocent muslims. I heard that guy is khawaraji and people who are following him are extremist.
Hadith of Prophet Mohammed(Peace be upon him) “Jews were divided into 72 sects and my Ummah will be divided into 73 sects and out of 73 sects only one sect will enter into Heaven”
So every follower of different sects raises this question which is that sect who are on correct path?

May Allah(SWT) by the grace of blessed Sandal of Prophet Muhammed(PUBH) guide us the true path Ameen.”

My Reply:

Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

      What u r saying is true.. many sites leads to misinterpretation of Islaam, mostly shiates.. and people start thinking grave worship is good too!! na’oodubillah we seek refuge in Allah..


      To be frank.. i don really knw who Abdul Wahab Najdi is…

if He was to be an inhabitant of Paradise..i would be questioned by Allah for my words..

If he was a deviant, i hv nothing to talk abt him.. We dont know.. Allah knows…so lemme refrain from saying anything in shaa allah..


      Yes.. the hadith u quoted is a well famous hadith..and everyone who quotes this says they are on that right allaahu musta’aan..


      If u ask me what I am going to say…


There r people who say.. take it only from qur’aan n sunnah… and there r people who say blindly follow an imaam..he is infallible..


       Bt not Islam is the middle path.. i go in the middle path too.. I need Qur’an n sunnah as lungs.. and good righteous imaams as the nasal pathway for air to enter lungs..


     U see.. air can have impurities too.. what i take from imaams ‘may’ hv some __ once it reaches the lungs (qur’an n sunnah)..oxygen gets separated and the impurity goes out via the same path..



       Without the quran n sunnah u r doomed..without the imaams it will be hard for u to check everything bck to qur’aan n sunnah.. that nasal passage guides air direct to the lungs.. and lungs do the job of purifying..u gt my point?


To be fair..i dont hv that much knowledge to understand everything from qur’aan n sunnah.. we cant ignore the gr8 works of Imam Abu Hanifa, Malik, Shafi’i or Ahmad or any other imaam.. May Allah bless them all..


        Rather I wont say, follow one imam juz blindly.. thats where we do mistake..when a statement of imam goes clearly against the quran or sunnah.. Allah n His Messenger shld be ur priority… WHY DO YOU WANT TO BREATH COAL N SAY LUNGS WILL DO ITS JOB?


       And i wont start blaming that imaam, if he did a mistake..that may be due to many circumstances.

       Doing a mistake is not a mistake. But following that mistake after knowing it as a mistake is a (hope i am nt confusing u)


 Thats what we study in our syllabus..there were many circumstances which lead to difference of opinions between the imaams.. if we study their history we will know that if those imaams came to knw something goes against authentic sunnah.. immediately they would hv changed their view..THEN WHY NOT WE?


As I am studying fiqh..i can appreciate all the 4 imams .. if u knw..they were students within themselves.. Shafi’i learnt from student of Abu Hanifa , Ahmad learnt from Shafi’i..maa shaa allaah ta’aala..


      But now..people say I am a shaafi’i n i dont take anything from Hanafis.. I am Hambali n i dont care abt Malikis..


      We r all muslims in the first place.. thats y i don prefer giving me any title.. hanafi, maliki, shafi’i, hambali, wahhabi, salafi whatsoever.. i am a muslim n only a muslim.

Note: I am not saying giving a title next to our name is deviation..I am in no position to say that! For myself I juz don prefer it.


      I can agree with all knowledgeable imaams as long as i see their proofs in qur’aan n sunnah n as long as i dont see them in the deviated path..(khawarij, shia etc)..


        I dont say all of them except me r deviated a’oodubillaah…bcoz…i am only a bug..which strives n slowly crawls behind our beloved Prophet (sal allaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam).


       It is Allah who is free of All Mistakes..and it is He to whom we help except His help n no protection except His protection..allahumma ameen.








What is this blog about?

29 Mar


Can you find what this picture says?


         The message you get from this picture tells you about this blog!


We live in this earth without even realizing why we are here?

We wake up, we eat, we work, we sleep.. this repeats again n again.


Have u ever thought about…

 1. Y are we living in this world?

2. Is there any purpose behind our creation?

3. Are we living a life without any destiny? We r not kids to just think abt today and sleep..go further and think abt next day, month next month, year next year…then what??…DEATH…

4. And most importantly.. what is after DEATH???


Surely, the keys to these questions lies with RELIGION.


Nw what is RELIGION?

I believe a true religion should be A WAY OF LIFE..


Are u a person..using ur religion as a celebration ??

Stand hold, RELIGION IS NOT AN u festivals to celebrate and juz go off..rather it shld MOLD u..


This blog is for u to comprehend abt ur religion and ur views abt religion.


Erm…Are u a person thinking that there is no religion at all and LIFE ITSELF AN AMUSEMENT??

Again stand hold, this is ur blog to share ur views..and to answer the above questions.


We love success, but what is success in the first place?


A ladder to sky, truly there is a way leading to eternity.

But really what is that way??


People claim so many ways for that!!

Don’t worry. Not all of them are true. They don’t do justice to their claim.




I am going to discuss about the different ways people claim and why it is not true.

I will help you to identify the straight undifficult path that leads you to success, TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY, If God so wills it.

And I would add some interesting facts that picked my attention 🙂







Are You a Blooming Da’ee??!!

25 Mar


Are You a Blooming Da’ee?


I wanted to share this with my fellow ‘Blooming Da’ees’ out there.

  • Da’ wah is something obligatory upon each on of us. It is our duty to spread the true message of Islam and to create awareness among people what they are doing.

  • But not always our da’wah is successfull, if we think that success lies in the listener’s embracement of Islaam.

  • We will be mocked, ridiculed, ignored and lots more. BE PREPARED TO FACE IT. Remember what Allah says,


 “And be patient over what they say and avoid them with gracious avoidance.” [Soorah AlMuzammil 73:10]

  • Mistakes are something unavoidable. We do mistakes now and then. But the most important thing is WHAT DID YOU LEARN FROM IT?

  • Try to identify your plus point. Not everyone of us can give a public lecture like Dr.Zakir Naik lol. But still we can do more. You may have a typing skill, translating skill, conducting classes. You know what you can do. BUT DO IT TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY.

  • Not all of us can go out and meet new people. But we have internet. A WEAPON IF USED WISELY. U can use do internet da’wah through forums, blogs, websites, classes n lots more.

  • But da’wah through internet is not always fruitfull. You dont know the person hiding behind the curtain. He closes the browser he forgets everything.

  • Try one-o-one basis, it might be a success. Again success depends on what the person thinks about success.

  • You hope the listener to revert? You succeed rarely.

  • You hope u can make the listener interested in Islaam? Hats off, if you can do that.

  • You hope u can neutralise the listeners enmity towards Islaam? You succeed always.

  • Never ever consider your listener as an opponent. Like an opponent in a game, you have to win him. This will lead to argument, without even letting you know that you are argueing. Remember NO ARGUMENTS HAVE A HAPPY ENDING.

  • Try to establish a good relationship with your listeners. THEY FEEL COMFORT IN YOU, THEY LISTEN TO YOU.

  • When you are doing da’wah amongst majority non-Muslims, DONT QUESTION THEIR BELIEF. They will become defensive and will throw the dirt in their hands.

  • Instead, SHOW THEM THE DIAMOND OF ISLAM. They will put down their dirt and come to grab your diamond.

  • BUILD A STRONG WALL OF ISLAM. They will know how weak their wall is, and will come to shade under yours.

  • MAKE THEM REALIZE THE BEAUTY OF ISLAM, they will start questioning their own belief. If you get to talk with them 101, then try to make them realise the flaws in their religion.

  • Focus on your target. CALL PEOPLE TO ‘TAWHEED’. Even though if they claim they believe in one God. Tell them, they should show this in their worship too.

  • GIVE THEM THE CLEAR CONCEPT OF PROPHETS. And why Muhammad (salallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) is the last of Prophets.

  • GIVE THEM THE CLEAR CONCEPT OF SCRIPTURES. And why AlQur’aan AlKareem is the Last of All Scriptures.

  • If you want to discuss about their beliefs, make sure YOU ARE IN THE DRIVER SEAT.


  • Remember, you are doing the job of all the Prophets, their Companions and All the Righteous people. So ALWAYS BE PROUD OF URSELF AND BE THANKFULL TO ALLAH.

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