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Legacy of Prophet Abraham (alaihi salaam) [PARENTING]

7 Apr




     I am just going to post a lecture today & no text!! because my academics assignments are PILING UPPPPPPP…. 😐 😐 😐

But this is not just a lecture…very very interesting.. u know how much?.. i was listening to this at night 2.. i cant stop it in the middle it was sooooo interesting.

Definitely I need to share this with u all!!


Legacy of Prophet Ibraaheem (alaihi salaam):

         This is the title of the lecture.. but it themes around parenting in this modern life. How a father/mother should be and how was Ibraaheem (alaihi salaam). Very inspiring lecture and i liked that lecturer too lol.


About the lecturer:

         His name is Nouman Ali Khan. He is well known for his way of speech which will not make his listeners blink their eyes maa shaa allaah. But you will be suprised to know about his background. He was actually a born Muslim but turned to an athiest (??!!)… bt eventually that athiesm itself made him realize Islam is the truth! Subhaanallaah.. qadarullah maashaa’ fa’al [Allah does whatever He wills].

Wanna know his history? click here and listen to the video.

You MUST listen to this video tooo… I enjoyed it and I bet you will too! 😛


Do you say ‘NO GOD’?

26 Mar


 Do u say ‘No God’?

“There is no God. God is something mankind has created to suit his personal desires.” Is this your statement?

Remember onething, from the beginning of this world, human beings recognized an unshakeable power which controls all their affairs.

For example, well developed civilizations who lived before 1000, 2000 years back believed in God. Eg. Romans, Persians, Greeks etc.

  In a research conducted in 1997, scientists have identified a ‘God spot’ in our brain. We have a small part called ‘epileptics’ in our brain’s frontal lobes. When you think about God, this part activates!!

For details click here

So physcologists, scientists say “Concept of God is something born with humans. Their physical nature facilitates them to know God”

I don’t deny the fact that, there ‘were’ and there ‘are’ people who deny God now and then. But you have to agree that there number is tooo low when compared with those who believe in God.

God Himself in His last book addresses those who deny His existence by asking 3 questions,


Or were they created by nothing, or were they the creators [of themselves]? Or did they create the skies and the earth? Rather, they are not certain.” [AlQur’an Chapter At-Toor 52:35-36]

Question 1: Were they created by nothing?

Think  my dear fellow beings, how can we be created by nothing? Nothing cannot create something. Nothing cannot create us.

We are created ‘from’ nothing but not ‘by’ nothing.

So there is something which created you, me, and all the things around us.

Question 2: Were they the creator of themselves?

Haha, did we create ourselves? U may say, “O yes! I create my children”. Nah! Nah! You give birth to your children you do not create them.

Even for the sake of argument if I agree with you that your mother created you, your grandma created your mother..move up..move up.. up..up..up.. NOW WHO CREATED THE FIRST MAN?

Did he create himself? Nah! This is not logic.. If u say he came from Monkeys i need another post to say IT’S WRONG AGAIN.

So there must be someone who created the first man and everything. 

Question 3: Did they create the heavens and the earths?

Hmm… no sane man will say, “I created the skies and the earth” 🙂

Simple.. some one has created them.

       So there is no logic in people saying, “There is no God”.

Ask an athiest, “You and your friend studied the same thing, worked the same way. But how come you succeeded this much and he is still an employee?”

Well.. he will say, “Oh! Thats my good time and his bad time”. Everything in his life is decided by good time, bad time, good time, bad time. TIME IS GOD FOR THEM.

            Think my reader, when your life is at stake, like when the flight in which u r fying is shaking in the midst of the sky, dont you shout “O God! SAVE ME?”

Lastly, you need to think about these facts:

1. Is there a God or not?

2. Does the people of past 50,000 years believed a wrong thing or is it me and those who say NO GOD are doing a MISTAKE?

      ‘For ur sake’ if we say no God, there is NO LOSS FOR THOSE WHO SAY THERE IS GOD…

      But if there is really a God, WHATS THE CONDITION OF U AND UR BUDDIES WHO DENIED HIM? Do you think He will leave u without a suitable punishment?

Think..Think..Think.. Stop0think…!!!

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