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Dialogue of the Day!

5 May

Mom: I’m going to Lulu. You with me?

Me: No thanks!

Mom: Okay… you need anything?

Me: Chocolates please.

Mom: No way!

Me: — 😦 — 😦 —


Me: Wow! seems you purchased the whole store?!

Mum: Its Food Fiesta there!

Me: hmmm…

       ulker chocolate sandwich!

       London choco bar!

       Americana mini choco wafers!

Me: Mom! I love you!

Mum: You love me …or the things I brought?

Me: o..Oh!

        you 😐

        may be the things too 😀

        no both!! 🙂 🙂



Me: I love you God!

God: You love me or the things I gave you?

Me:  o..Oh (??!!)

               We need a serious thinking in this issue! WE SHOULD LEARN TO LOVE GOD FOR WHO HE IS.. AND NOT FOR WHAT HE HAS GIVEN US.

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